Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10 - Photo Post!

Mom mentioned that some more photos on the blog would be nice, so here is my February gift to all of you - the time and patience to upload these lovely photos.  A little picture of my life here in Benin.  Sorry they're a little small, but it was either that or hours, hours of upload time. 

A favorite photo from a church function during training in Porto Novo.  In case you were wondering whether I stick out here in Benin...

Walking to the fields in Peonga with women from my concession.

The first mud stove I built, with the family I built it with/for
Helping unload a basin of water during a compost-making training in Peonga's garden

Trampling corn stalks for the compost

Chatting with Fulani women at Gaani, a festival in Nikki, a nearby large town

My fulani outfit for Gaani fete

A wild elephant I saw in a village near mine

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